The Silent Rescue

I have found out that you can rescue even when you think that you aren’t.  My husband is the busiest person on the planet and has wanted to be a CASA for a long time.  I have strongly opposed this in the past because it would take away from family time.  My new, non-controlling self stood back and let him become one, even though I was skeptical that he could squeeze anything more into his life.

Well…..he has gotten his first case and is now feeling the pain.  It isn’t a theoretical exercise anymore.  It is real with real people and these people act in disturbing ways.  He is depressed and unhappy about what he is doing.  Now I am silently fuming and congratulating myself on being right.  Yup – I am still in a rescue.  I am feeling discomfort with his dilemma, urgency to do something, saintliness, and extreme responsibility for him.  I am viewing him as helpless and unable to make good decisions about time management.

I need to step back, step away, and allow whatever is going to happen to happen.  I am off to a neighbor’s to consult about Genealogy, which is my favorite thing to do.


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