Hiding in My Room

What keeps you from “crying mightily” to God for deliverance according to His Will? LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program, Step 3

Laziness, pride in my own abilities, forgetfulness.  I am going through some major emotional turmoil as we are trying to implement some new rules in the family that have been met with anger and opposition.  Normally I would just withdraw, overeat and oversleep but I tried praying for help this time. I felt the love of God for me and some relief from the stress but I seem to just keep grabbing it back and refusing to let it go.

I am currently hiding in my room so I am still withdrawing but I haven’t binged out on chocolate chip cookies and haven’t taken a really long nap.  I not only feel really uncomfortable with my own emotions but I am terrified of other people’s negative emotions, especially if they are directed at me.

I am trying to deal with my emotions appropriately by giving myself and the other person permission to feel angry, actually feeling the emotion, and then trying to identify the underlying thoughts and beliefs.


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