The Moment of Temptation

ARP Step 3 “Consider the importance of praying in the moment of temptation, and write about how prayer will strengthen your humility and faith in Christ.”  I think that praying right when I start to notice that my feelings are escalating, is a good idea. It will turn my thoughts back to Christ and I will acknowledge that I need help.  Faith is believing that Christ can and will help you.

I was thinking that abstinence from an addiction such as codependence means choosing not to over react, control, obsess or repress emotions.  It means that if I do start to have a negative reaction, that I work to overcome it.

This weekend I really tried hard to not take rejection so personally.  I have had a bunch of people not respond to my emails and texts and that is hurtful and feels like rejection.  I have had to go through each of the people who didn’t respond to me and imagine what hardships are going on in their own lives and how them not responding to me is a reflection of them and not me.  I have had to acknowledge the pain and anger that I feel when it seems like someone is rejecting me and actually stay with the feeling until the emotional energy passes.  It is foreign to actually feel emotions.  I have repressed them or used some sort of substance or behavior to escape from them for so long that the actual feeling of negative emotions is excruciating.


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